Article 15: Why is the debut of Ayushmann Khurana’s film trailer?

“On the basis of religion, race, caste, sex, place of birth or any of these, the state will not discriminate against any of its citizens, I am not saying this is written in the Constitution of India.”

Do not forget to understand just a dialogue of Article 15 of the film Sinha directed and directed by Ayushmann Khurana. This is the first line of the article (article) 15 of the Indian Constitution. Article 15 is the right to equality.

Although the Constitution of India came into force on January 26, 1950, in the last few years, it has been in constant discussions for different reasons.

Sometimes due to the constitutional amendment on behalf of the people sitting in power, the opposition parties are threatened by the constitution.

In such a situation, when the movie is being called ‘Article 15’, it is also being discussed on social media. Within a few hours of the release, the trailer of ‘Article 15’ was seen by millions of people.

Let’s first tell you that after the article is 15, and why in the current round some people are considering the debate over the excuse of the film on this article of the Constitution.

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Right to Equality Article 15

15 (1). The State will not discriminate against any citizen only on the basis of religion, ethnicity, caste, gender, birthplace or any of them.

About the same Article 15, senior advocate Avani Bansal of the Supreme Court says that the constitution gives equality rights.

The constitution has been constituted on the basis that there is no discrimination against any citizen of the country, but it is a fact that the facts written in the Constitution can not be followed at the grassroots level.

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Avani admits that even though the law says nothing but administration is responsible for implementing it at the grassroots level, it is important that the administration be strictly adhered to it.

Beating the Dalits in Una. Strike of procession of dalits in different parts of the country and the cow’s fight against Muslims with cow If you remember such incidents, then you will find why there is a need to remember Article 15 again and again?

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Image citationone scene of Article 15

What is the story of the movie article 15

In this case, the bodies of two cousins ​​were hanged from the tree. After the first gang war, murder was said, then it was said that both sisters committed suicide. Many times it was also reported that the daughters of the girl killed him.

Gaurav Solanki, co-authored by the 15th film, told BBC Hindi , “This movie is not based on only one incident. Something like this happens every day and this film covers all those events. “

But why was the need to make this film felt?

In response to this question, Gaurav says, “Generally a large section of the urban population feels that the discrimination of caste has not ceased; all this has become a thing of the past but this is not the case. This kind of discrimination is still in many parts of the country. “

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How effective will the article 15 film be?

In the trailer, Ayushmann Khurana appears to be talking about ending discrimination.

The film will be released on June 20 but some people have started objecting to the trailer. Senior journalist Dilip Mandal believes that such films will not make any difference.

Dilip Mandal says, “It is not an anti-cast film, but there are many perceptions about the caste in the society, which are the perceptions of the film. This film reinforces them. This movie believes that Dalits still need a liberating donor for their salvation and they can not do the work themselves. This savior is a Brahmin IPS in the film. “

Dilip says, “In any society, the change is internal, it can not be imposed from outside and it should be assumed that the Dalits are fighting their battle and the change is taking place. This film will take the ongoing fight back. “

But Gaurav is quick to say any kind of opinion about the film. They say that the trailer is just a small part of any film, based on that, it is not right to imagine the whole film.

Now the film will take this thinking forward or really will be able to bring ‘difference’, it will be decided only after 20th day. But as the film claims that it is based on true events, let us leave you with a scene of this movie. So you can decide that the trailer is really close to the truth?

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In a scene of the film, Ayushman is sitting with an official and talking.

” Sir, these three girls only three featured in your daily were sought

Only three forms 

The mineral water you are drinking, two or three drops of the same

Due to their mistake, they got raped

They were beaten and hanged on the tree so that they remembered the whole situation 

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