Bollywood: Men who became a woman in a picture

Indian cinema is a place where love stories are usually made, or a hero who draws everyone’s attention.

Therefore, many characters are always involved in something new to do. And these races always live in Indian cinema.

In this race to do something good, many male characters do not hesitate to play the role of women, including many names like Govinda, Riteish Deshmukh, Aamir Khan, Kamal Haasan, Ashutosh Rana.

But now this list is going to add a new name to Akshay Kumar. Although he had earlier played a female character in the film ‘Khiladi’ but he was not based on that woman (Akshay Kumar). In that movie, Akshay Kumar and Deepak became a safe girl to live in a girls hostel.

But recently Akshay Kumar released his poster of ‘Lakshmi Bomb’ on his social media account, in which he is seen wearing a mascara in his eyes. Due to this, speculation is being made that they will play the character of a woman or a kindred.

As soon as he shared the poster on social media, the film’s director Raghav Lawrence got annoyed. Because the poster of the movie was released without telling them.

These characters are none other than the male characters who played the role of a lady or sheer.

Knowing about some of the characters who are men who are men, women or sheers in the role of a lot of woos and left their imprint on Indian cinema forever.

Ashutosh Rana

Ashutosh Rana Shabnam MausiImage CopywriteSUDESH BHONSLE AND MANOJ JAISWAL

You will not be able to forget the struggle of 1999, Ashutosh Rana, who played the character of Tanwar in the struggle directed by Tanuja Chandra, stopped everyone’s breath.

Ashutosh Rana appears in the role of a freak in the film. This movie was one of the superhit films of its time. Ashutosh Rana got the Best Villain Award for this film.

There was a time when the villain heroes of Indian cinema had a tough challenge. There were many such villains in Hindi cinema, whose names are still on everyone’s tongue.

One such character is the Queen of the 1991 film ‘Road’. Sadashiv Amrapurkar played the role of Queen in ‘Road’, which was the role of a villain. But he loved the people very much. He was also awarded the award for this role.

Prashant narayanan

Prashant narayananImage copyrightsYOUTUBE / SCREENSHOT

Many characters leave the impression on the big screen that sometimes people also scare them in real life.

Prashant Narayanan, who played Dheeraj Pandey in ‘Murder 2’, scared everyone with his acting and his role, and played the role of Villain in a very good way.

Kamal Haasan


Kamal Haasan’s ‘Aunt 420’ came in 1997, in which Kamal becomes Kamwali Bai for his daughter. His wife Tabu leaves her husband’s house and goes to live with her father. Both have a daughter with whom to spend time together they become the wife of Tabu’s father Amresh Puri, whom all call aunt. .

The film got a lot of love and love with the audience. People loved Kamal Hasan’s character so much that when he heard the name of the film, he first remembers Kamal Haasan’s name.

In the film, he looks like a powerful woman who is fighting alone with many goons.


GovindaImage copyrightVENUSMOVIE / YOUTUBE

When Govinda came to the movies, he had a different round. People were convinced of their dance, language and style of dancing.

They used to come in a new role and the number of their loved ones would increase. ‘Aunt number 1’ came in 1998. Although, in many films, she played the role of a female, but Aunt number one whole film was based on the same role.

The role of the women played by them was considered to be very popular.

Ravi KishanImage CopywritePTI

Whatever actor characters come in Indian cinema, they sit in the same mind, who look different.

Now whether she is the character of Mahesh Manjrekar’s character in the 2013 film ‘Rajjo’, or in the movie ‘Bullet Raja’ in the movie titled ‘Bullet Raja’ in 2013, the character of Rani Kishan is the character of Kinnar or whether in the 1997 movie ‘Tamanna’ Paresh The character of Raval’s kidnapper.

All these characters were startled by the audience.

‘Lakshmi Bomb’ is a remake of the Tamil film Munni: 2 Kanchana, which is directed by Raghav Lawrence.

Kia Advani and R. Madhavan will also be seen in this film. The film will be released on June 5 next year.

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